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The ONLY naturally high-protein, low glycemic index rice

in the WORLD.

At Cahokia Rice, we’re proud of the role we play in providing critical wildlife habitat and sustainably growing rice. Our land is home to nearly 220 species of wildlife including crawfish, snakes, frogs, shorebirds, and migrating waterfowl. Want to know more about our sustainable practices?

A very different kind of rice

with 53% more protein.

Named in honor of the Cahokia Tribe of Native American Indians, Cahokia Rice is a Midwest-grown, non-GMO crop that is naturally higher in protein.

53% HIGHER PROTEIN than other rice

DIABETIC FRIENDLY, unlike conventional rice


Can be incorporated into meals to create a HIGHER NUTRITIONAL VALUE


Available in BROWN OR WHITE

STOCK PACKAGING in 32-ounce or 25-pound bags, and CUSTOM OPTIONS AVAILABLE

Currently available via 100+ RETAILERS, RESTAURANTS, FOOD SERVICE PROVIDERS and more

Cahokia Rice is a great product addition for:



Food Service Providers

About Cahokia Rice:

Frequently Asked Questions

Where and how is Cahokia Rice grown?

Cahokia Rice is proudly grown in Southern Illinois and is named in honor of the Cahokia tribe of Native Americans Indians who once resided in the area. Naturally higher in protein than conventional rice, Cahokia Rice is Non-GMO, developed using traditional breeding practices to naturally contain more protein than conventional rice. Each growing season, the crop is rotated among the fields to increase soil fertility and support sustainability. The rice crop is harvested at just the right time each year to maximize quality and protein content. Fields are managed to provide a habitat for migratory waterfowl, which in turn support field sustainability and natural soil fertilization.

How was Cahokia Rice developed?

Cahokia Rice was developed at Louisiana State University (LSU). The grain was developed through traditional breeding with no foreign genes or DNA inserted. University team members discovered a heritage strain of rice that had naturally-occurring higher protein and crossed it with a traditional variety with good cooking characteristics and milling properties. The researchers’ goal in developing high-protein rice was to meet the growing market for new products that can offer more nutritional value from major food crops, including rice.

How is Cahokia Rice different from other rice products?

Cahokia Rice is a low-glycemic index food –  the world’s first long-grain, high-protein rice.

How is Cahokia Rice diabetic-friendly?

Typical table rice is starchy, with 33 grams of carbohydrates and 3 grams of protein; an 11-1 ratio that causes a higher spike in blood sugar. Cahokia Rice still has 33 grams of carbs, but with 6 grams of protein, it changes the ratio to 6-1, reducing the blood sugar response and making it a low-glycemic index food.

Where is Cahokia Rice available for purchase?

Cahokia Rice is currently carried by many local, regional and national retailers, and is also available via e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, and more.

What quantities/sizes is Cahokia rice available in?

Currently, white or brown long-grain Cahokia Rice is available in 32-ounce packages or 25-pound bulk bags. For wholesale customers, larger quantities are also available based on customer need. A Cahokia Rice sales team member can help you determine which option is best for your business.

I’m a retailer, how can my store carry Cahokia Rice?

Retailers interested in stocking Cahokia Rice may contact their distributor directly, or reach the Cahokia Rice sales team here.

Why is Cahokia Rice a good fit for restaurants or food service providers?

Cahokia Rice provides numerous benefits to restaurants, food service providers and meal prep services, including the ability to enhance a dish’s nutrition profile without changing ingredients. For vegan/vegetarian diners, Cahokia Rice offers a substantial protein option (containing up to 53% more protein than conventional rice), and as a low glycemic index food is diabetic-friendly. It’s a non-GMO, plant-based and gluten-free food that makes a great menu addition for restaurants and food service providers at hospitals, higher education institutions, meal prep services, job-site food service and more.


Interested in trying high-protein Cahokia Rice? We’re pretty sure you’re gonna love it, so much so that we’ll be happy to send you a free bag to try.

There’s a reason so many retailers and
food service providers are requesting Cahokia Rice: IT’S BETTER.
And consumers know it too. Here’s what just a few of them have said about it:

Great Service & Product!

he rice is very delicious and nutritious! Highly recommend to those who crave carbs but on stringent nutrition plan.

Haoliang D.
(Chicago, Ill.)

Love this rice!

I eat a plant based whole food diet. The high protein content blends perfect.

Randi E.
(Spokane, Wash.)

Best brown rice!

Been using your rice for over a year now. Love it! Cooks beautifully and tastes great and is good for you!

Deborah K.
(Des Moines, Iowa)